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When reserving a vehicle for your MVA Driver Skills Test, please follow these steps:

  1. Complete the MVA Vehicle Reservation form at

  2. If you've already paid for the use of a vehicle during your driver education program registration, it's crucial that you inform us by filling out the application at the same link.

  3. Please note that we do not have information about when you plan to schedule your MVA test. Once you complete the application, you'll receive an application number along with instructions on the next steps. Do not inform the instructors of your test plans, as they do not have details about your payment or vehicle availability.

  4. Rest assured that there's no need to call our office to confirm vehicle availability. We have multiple vehicles available for MVA tests, and our staff will meet you at the MVA to ensure you receive the services you've paid for.

  5. If you don't receive an email confirmation within 24 business hours (Monday - Friday) of your request, please call our office to verify that your request was received, minimizing the chances of any oversight.

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