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Navigating Our Locations: A Peek into Drivers Edu Operations

At Drivers Edu, we understand the fluidity of human movement while ensuring the seamless flow of our business operations. Our main office, centrally located at 10902 Reisterstown Road Suite 101, Owings Mills, Maryland 21117, acts as the hub for our comprehensive services.

With a total of four locations, it's essential to note that only the Owings Mills location requires a human presence during business hours.

Ellicott City, Rosedale, and Baltimore City serve as satellite offices primarily dedicated to Behind the Wheel (BTW) lessons, registrations, payments, and administrative tasks. Yes, we do have office personnel (humans) available as needed, especially during appointments. However, in the absence of specific appointments, you're likely to encounter only your BTW instructor at these locations.

We have a dedicated team of 3-4 individuals available to answer your phone calls, respond to emails, and engage in chats with you every day from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Even during the time when your BTW lessons | classes are scheduled, extending from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, we ensure that our communication channels are actively monitored.

Please note that we prioritize communications for those currently out on BTW lessons; all other inquiries will be addressed on the next business day.

For effective communication, here are our contact details:

Additionally, we have a student services page online empowering you with self-service options. How may we assist you further? Is there something specific you'd like to know or discuss? At Drivers Edu, we're here to make your journey smoother.

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