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Thursday December 17, 2020. We are closed today due to the snow.

We are online to chat if you have questions. Yes, virtual classes are open and on time.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. Question; Is anyone available via phone?

Answer; No, however we are available online to chat during business hours.

2. Question; Can I come into the office?

Answer; No

3. Question; What about my scheduled lessons?

Answer; All behind the wheel lessons have been cancelled check your email for instruction.

4. Question; What happens with my MVA Skills Test?

Answer; MVA is also closed however you can reschedule your test with them then update the date with us via the online chat service.

5. Question; I'm scheduled to take my DIP final exam can I come in for that?

Answer; No, Check your messages and follow the instructions.

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