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We did not invent the wheel!

It's essential to understand that the Driver Education Program in Maryland is not only state-mandated but also federally regulated by the MVA. This program, crafted by the MVA, is a prerequisite for obtaining a Maryland driver's license. As a licensed driving school entrusted by the MVA to deliver their curriculum, we emphasize the importance of the full learning process.

While the 6-hour driving requirement is part of the MVA program, it's crucial to recognize that this alone may not sufficiently equip individuals with the necessary skills. The additional 60 hours of practice with a driving coach, especially for those under 25, is essential for comprehensive driver education.

We recognize the significance of personalized instruction to address specific skill development needs within the framework of the Maryland state curriculum.

Our personalized driving lessons are tailored to assist learners in mastering the various levels required by the mandated program.

It's imperative not to overlook the pivotal role of the driving coach in ensuring the safety and proficiency of young drivers.

MVA, 6-hour program aims to facilitate progress, as outlined in the Rookie Driver Manual. However, we acknowledge that there may be areas requiring further attention, which is why we offer personalized driving lessons to bridge any gaps in learning.

Rest assured, our priority is to support learners in becoming safe and competent drivers, whether through our standard program or personalized instruction. We appreciate your commitment to your child's driving education and are here to provide the necessary guidance and assistance every step of the way.

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