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Drivers EDU

Virtual or In-Person

Driver Education Program

If you're a new driver in Maryland, completing a certified Driver Education Program is mandatory, regardless of your age. The course comprises 30 hours of classroom learning and six (6) hours of behind-the-wheel instruction. 

The classroom component of the Driver Education Program runs for three hours a day, ten days in a row (Monday through Friday) or five consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

Additionally, the program includes six hours of in-car driving instruction. After completing the first five days of classroom learning, students can request access to schedule their in-car lessons.

You do not need a Learner's Instructional Permit to begin the classroom component of the Driver Education Program.

Before scheduling the behind-the-wheel component of the Driver Education Program, new drivers must obtain a Learner's Instructional Permit.

Driver Edu. Virtual Driver Education Program

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