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How to schedule a BEHIND THE WHEEL LESSON.

Due to the large volume of incoming calls you must SELF schedule your behind the wheel lessons. Meaning you are responsible for scheduling your own lesson using the online scheduling portal.

  1. Click here to learn how to use the scheduling portal ...

  2. To request access to the portal click here

Keep in mind that what you read is as it reads. Follow the rules to scheduling. I will post precautionary measures to be taken later today 6/12/20 when we announce the scheduling portal is open to taking appointments.

Right now take this time to prepare. Any questions, ask them here no need to ask the same question on 5 different platforms then calling it delays response time and others who have the same question can find their answers here.

This is an exciting, frustrating and challenging time for us all let’s follow directions, read for understanding and focus on the bigger picture.


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