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Knowing the difference!

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

A driving school is a commercial business authorized by DMV’s Bureau of Driver Training Programs to provide driving instruction for hire.

Evaluation vs Lesson | Instruction

Evaluation = the making of a judgment about the amount, number, or value of something; assessment

Lesson | Teach | Introduce =an amount of teaching given at one time: a period of learning or teaching:

  1. In order to drive you must 1st want to learn.

  2. Must gain the experience needed with your driving coach to learn what is being taught.

  3. Know that 6 hours of driving instruction alone is not going to make you efficient driver.

As part of the Maryland mandatory driver education program curriculum, students are advised to start practice driving upon receiving his/her learner's permit.

WHO's Who:

Driving Coach - A person with the accurate and specific driving ability, experience, license, qualities, skills and training to drive along with the novice | new | unexperienced driver to obtain the Maryland required Rookie Driver Skills Log Practice. Again, these practices are recommended to begin prior to the start of your BTW Evaluations.

Driving Instructor - A driving instructor is a person who is hired by a new driver who is learning how to improve their skills. Instructors wear multiple hats.

  1. To teach | introduce | review skills as indicated by the MVA Driver Education Program, keep in mind that if the student does not show readiness as indicated by MVA behind the wheel curriculum he or she run the risk of failing the program.

  2. To teach personalized driving lessons to enhance the driving skills of the new driver.

The behind the wheel introduction sessions are as follows.

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