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Regarding - Driving Schools, MVA & MODIFICATION TO DRIVERS TEST.

The information on the website is in reference to driver’s licenses and testing. Limited branch operations are being restored and the driving test is being modified to remove the on-road test. It will be limited to the closed course test only. None of that has any impact on driving schools. The extension of your licenses remains in effect until 30 days after the Governor rescinds his emergency declaration.

There you have the latest news .... I will keep you all posted as it is provided to us. As to BTW lessons NOTHING HAS CHANGED, until the Governor rescinds the emergency declaration we can not allow access to schedule them.

As you can see progress is in motion our health and safety is more valuable than a drivers license. We are getting closer just not today.

Reply questions here so everyone can see, read, comment. Let’s keep it in one place no need to email, text, instant chat you will be referred back to this link.

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